New Painting

I just painted this. I have a love/hate relationship with it.



Welcome to the crazy.

Sometimes I have the following conversation with myself:

ME: You know, I really don’t like wearing shoes with high heels. They make me feel fake and like I am trying to be impersonate some other professional-type high-heel-wearing person who likes to dress like that.

ME: Yes, but if you don’t wear heels, you will stand out at work and people won’t take you seriously. People only take other people seriously if they wear heels.

ME: Really? I think that might not be true. Also I really like to wear not-heels.

ME: But it’s so much easier to get dressed when your pants hang nicely. And how do you make that happen? Heels.

ME: But I could just hem my pants and also wear skirts.

ME: Seriously, when do you think you’re going to have time to hem *all* your pants. Also, you will never get a man in not-heels.

ME: If I need to wear heels to get a man, maybe I don’t want a man.

ME: Fine, then be a weird old semi-fat lady with no heels and no man. And also, stop shaving your legs.

ME: Well, I hate shaving my legs, so maybe I *WILL*.

ME: Sometimes there’s no talking to you.

ME: I know. Don’t we have chocolate around here somewhere?

ME: Yeah, I think there’s some in the cupboard.

ME: Thanks.

ME: You’re welcome.

Sunday, Sunday


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Weekends are funny. And by funny, I of course mean stupidly annoying. When Friday rolls around, I always think about how relaxing the weekend is going to be. How I will get to sleep in, and chill out, and have some time for myself. And, inevitably, the weekends end up being busier than any weekday!!  Stupid weekends being all deceptively peaceful. I hate you and your promise of relaxation. Here is what I did today:

1. Took the kids to their grandmother’s house to “bake muffins”. (By the way, I knew by the way they told me about it that they weren’t really baking muffins. I can only suspect that they were doing some birthday-related thing since my birthday is in about a week. Also, they came home with no muffins.)

2. Did laundry. A *lot* of laundry.

3. Worked for about 4 hours on job #2, which I recently started again to help out with being the sole income-earner for myself, 2 children and 4 pets. (Aaah! It seems overwhelming when I put it that way! Let’s move on quickly, shall we? I don’t want to think about that for too long.)

4. Briefly hung out with the somewhat distressed fremployer.

5. Cleaned many things, including the dishes, vacuuming my bedroom and the living room, and dusting things that had rarely (if ever) been dusted.

6. Straightened up the living room.

7. Put dishes away.

8. Did some henna designs on my girls, as per their request.  Sunny got some henna paste at the store recently, and I have been designated the henna artist in residence.

9. Made school lunches for tomorrow.

10. Watched an episode of Bones with Rose. Is it bad if the majority of our “quality time” involves a corpse-ridden television show??

11. Had a glass of wine. (or two).

And now I AM TIRED. But since this is really the only time I get to myself, I will probably stay up too late watching a movie and then spend tomorrow drinking coffee to make it through the day. And then tomorrow evening, I will do it all again. I am not particularly smart, but at least I am self-aware.

I am not clever enough for titles

Man, I suck at consistent blogging. Well, if there is anything that I have learned in my (almost) 36 years, it’s that people don’t change. So, you guys… anyone who is reading this… you will just have to accept my lack of consistency. I’m too old to change now! Well, at least I’m too old to change without some major form of reinforcement… like a bowl of  chocolate-covered almonds presented to me after every successful blog post. Or, you know, a bag of cookies or something. Really, anything sugar-based would suffice. I am open to donations.

Anyway, nothing really new to report anyway. Rose and I have decided that this coming weekend will be “HOME WEEKEND”. Which means that instead of planning activities away from the house, we will plant things. And clean things. (Which you wouldn’t think would be necessary, given the 300 loads of laundry I did *last* weekend, but nope. You would be wrong. There will be more.)

And also,  I think we had another home-related plan, but I forget what it was now. Home weekend may or may not be a success.

Sunny (being the social butterfly that she is) is not 100 % behind the “HOME WEEKEND” plan. She may have rolled her eyes and called it “boring” or some such nonsense. We may have to find some entertainment for her while we are participating in home-related activities. Or you know, force her to clean things against her will. Whatever.

In other news, I nearly got hit by a car today while walking the dog! And by a neighbour that I knew! I actually thought he was joking around and “pretending” to hit me until the last second when he didn’t slow down! Fortunately, he did manage to swerve, and thus I am still alive.

There’s nothing like a close call to put things in perspective though. I was fuming about some minor thing, which after being nearly killed,  didn’t  seem like such a big deal after all!

Anwyay, that’s all for now. Near death experience and house-cleaning. You may have already guessed that there is no theme to this post.

Happy Tuesday!




I used to know what this post was about


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Oops. I kind of went a few days longer than I meant to without writing anything. This may give some indication as to my ability to persist with anything other than…well, raising my children. Also, I do laundry on a fairly regular basis. But that’s about it!

Actually what happened was that I had a good idea for a post, but it involved photos and then I couldn’t get my camera to upload the pictures on this computer. (The old computer left with the ex.) I tried to download whatever driver-type-techical-thingamabobbers (I think that’s the correct term) were required but it didn’t work. Then I got frustrated and discouraged, and then I did some laundry.

Then I bought a card reader and now I can upload pictures again! Hooray!

But now I forget what the post was going to be about.

So hey, let’s just look at some pictures, shall we??


Hello, I am the world's cutest dog.

Aw, look at my little Pookie baby. She is so sweet… all sleepies…. poor little pookie-pie smooshy wooshy cutie sweetie pie.

Okay, I apologize. Let’s move on.


My kid made this. I do not know how.

This bread was delicious *and* made by a 13 year old. What was I doing when I was 13? Ummm… not being a master chef, that’s what.  For the record, the fremployer ate 90% of this bread when we had her over for dinner.


Sunny with a chance of falling in the river.

I took the girls geocaching in a nearby park over the last weekend. I actually let Sunny crawl under a fence (which I can only imagine was designed to keep people from falling in the water) in order to take this picture. You can’t really tell, but that water is a few feet down. But hey, it was part of my artistic vision and also she wanted to do it. I’m pretty sure that’s good parenting.


This picture is totally posed. Can you tell?

Monday, Monday….


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Some of you may know that the last couple of months have been pretty stressful for me!! Between the break up of my relationship and some other terribly un-fun family-type stuff, it has taken all of my strength just to keep getting through the days – trying to be there for my girls. I’m trying to be the Little Engine that Could and just keep on plugging!!

But it’s tough! I know that everyone has been there in one way or another, and I know that people have challenges that are much more difficult than what I am facing! And I also know that what I *do* have is far greater than what I *don’t* have.

So, in the spirit of seizing the moment and appreciating the good things, here are some awesome moments of today:

  • I ate some delicious chocolates that my fremployer (yes, that’s friend + employer… she’s two fun things in one!) left on my desk. Some were peanut butter cups and some were Hershey’s kisses! Delicious!!
  • I convinced myself to go to the gas station even though it was really cold and windy and I didn’t feel like it at all! Now my car has gas in it and I won’t have to stress about it in the morning! Yay me for being a grown-up!!
  • On the way home today, a song came on the radio and it was “Small Town” by John Mellencamp. I don’t normally like John Mellencamp… or listen to the radio for that matter, but the lyrics of that song made me feel good. And then as I turned the corner, I saw beams of light shining through the clouds and it seemed bright and hopeful and lovely.
  • Right now as I type this, I have a little dog snoring on one side of me and a cat snoring softly on the other side.

Happy Monday, everyone! May you also have moments of happy in the hardness.


Merry Un-Christmas!


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We finally took our Christmas lights down today.

Yup, It’s almost April.

Personally, I was okay with that. Actually, I feel like quite a success, to tell you the truth! I am patting myself on the back as I type this. (Figuratively, of course. That would be awkward.)

This is the first year there has not been a masculine presence around to help us with that particular endeavour. But I did it! I got up on the ladder by myself and with some help from Rose, managed to get them all down without falling and embarrassing myself in front of the neighbours and/or breaking an important part of my body.

Today = Success.

At least I didn’t get electrocuted!


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As I was unloading our dishwasher this morning, I noticed that many of the dishes were not what you would call….  “clean”. I didn’t think much about it since our dishwasher is normally somewhat aged and sluggish. And also, we use an environmentally friendly type of dishwasher detergent that doesn’t always clean as efficiently as the chemical-filled ones. (But I’m okay with the less efficient kind that helps save rivers.) Anyway, whatever. It was no big deal. We just put most of them away and left the dirty-looking ones in the dishwasher.

Then later when I was loading in some more dirty dishes, I noticed something odd. There was a good two inches of water sitting in the bottom of the dishwasher. Hmmm…. Something about that didn’t seem right.  I tried to remember if there were normally two inches of water in the dishwasher, but couldn’t seem to recall that happening in the past. This was an unwelcome turn of events. But it’s okay, I told myself. I’m an adult and I can deal with this shit.

So I googled something like “water in the bottom of dishwasher” and quickly came to learn several things:

1. Sometimes dishwashers do not drain properly because things get all clogged up in there – this can result in two inches of water at the bottom of your dishwasher. And also, unclean dishes. (HA. MYSTERY SOLVED, SUCKERS!)

2. You can take things apart and fix your own dishwasher. There are instructions and everything.

3. If you do not turn off the power to your dishwasher before attempting to repair it, you can get electrocuted.

So I decided that the first step in this procedure should probably be to figure out how to shut off the power to my dishwasher. But frig, it’s not like it has a power switch or something. I briefly considered that there may be some way to turn off power to the entire house… like a secret switch or something. But if there was, I didn’t know where it was located.

Then I remembered – FUSES! I know where the fuse box is! I can do that!

So I went downstairs and tried to figure out which fuse was associated with what part of the house. When I determined guessed which one it was, I went back upstairs to check it out. The light over the stove which had been on, was now off, which I took as a positive sign. I must be close to the right fuse, at least. But the only way to make sure that the power was truly off  would be to try to start the dishwasher and make sure that nothing happened.

So I anxiously turned the knob, and the dishwasher instantly started. FAIL. Wrong fuse. I was going to go downstairs and try again, when I noticed something. The dishwasher had started, but it didn’t sound like it was starting from the beginning of the cycle. It was starting mid-cycle. Weird, I don’t know why would it do tha…..

And THAT’S when I remembered that I had stopped the dishwasher mid-cycle the night before. Because Sunny was having a shower and I didn’t want her to be cold. And then I forgot and didn’t re-start it.

There was nothing wrong with my dishwasher.

The only thing wrong was that instead of putting clean dishes in my cupboards that morning, I had actually piled them full of dirty dishes.

So I had to re-load the dishwasher with everything from my cupboards and run it again, from the beginning.

And that is how my morning started.





I have turned into one of “those” people….


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This is my new baby:

I am small and fluffy and cute. Please bring me your purse so that I may ride in it.

Seriously. It’s ridiculous. She is a 9 (!) year old pomeranian rescued from a puppy mill. I am totes in love with her. I call her Pookie. It’s not even her name, but I can’t help it. She LOOKS like a Pookie. My sister sent me a little jacket for her to wear. (Which fits, and looks *awesome*, by the way.)

(Please help me. I have gone over to the dark side.)

My other critters are not quite as thrilled with our new addition, but overall they’re coping pretty well. The cats ignore her for the most part and the husky has refrained from snacking on her so  in my book, that’s a win!

There has been some talk around the house that Pookie may at times be “annoying” and that she tends to “follow people around everywhere, and oh my gawd Mom, seriously, she won’t stop and she won’t leave  me alone!!!!!!”. But those are purely rumours and likely have no basis in reality. Overall, my little Pookie is a wonderful addition to the family.